Custom Software Development & Consulting Services

Improving business processes with custom software
Workflow review, software needs evaluation, architecture, scoping, development

Custom software consulting:

  • Workflow review – Review of your current workflows and its obstacles to identify areas where software can improve your business operations by increasing accuracy, improving user experience, or improving efficiency
  • Software needs evaluation – Evaluate the need for custom software vs SaaS with custom add-on / integration vs off-the –shelf SaaS solution
  • Solution architecture – Architect a viable custom software solution to address current issues and improve processes including platform and development stack.
  • Solution scoping – Scope viable solutions, including timeline and budget

Custom software development:

Problems we solve

  • Manual labor reduction
  • Human error reduction
  • Real-time data collection
  • Disjointed data integration
  • Data accessibility & visibility improvements


Custom Software Case Studies

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