Custom Web App – Survey Software

Client – A respected Hospital Accreditation Consultancy in the United States.


Our client evaluates medical institutions (e.g. hospitals and emergency care facilities) to provide insight on potential risks and priorities. They subsequently provide a report detailing their findings so that the medical facility staff can take action to correct shortcomings prior to The Joint Commission’s official visit.

When our client first contacted us, they were highly dependent on Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets (Excel was their primary tool for data collection and reporting). They needed a way for multiple users to be able to input and manage data simultaneously. Their in-field consultants perform fast-paced audits that require them to quickly document their findings. At the end of the day the consultants needed to consolidate their findings into a client-friendly report. The Excel approach was limiting their ability to do this efficiently.

Our client started out searching for a Microsoft Access developer to design a program based on their spreadsheets, but it turned out that Access wasn’t powerful enough for what they needed.


Keypress delivered a custom web-based software application that allows the client to efficiently capture, organize, and share their data, and eliminate redundant and superfluous tasks.

A web portal allows medical facility representatives to view their mock survey results. The portal provides:

The user interface was designed to provide immediate visibility to the survey results, historical trends and how the results compare against other organization in their space.  Graphic representations of the data provide a quick summary, while detailed information is easily available when needed.


  • Business Process Improvement – We sat with them to learn their workflow and identified how best to optimize their process.
  • Recommended and added features that revolutionized the client’s services
  • Multi-user simultaneous data entry – consultants can simultaneously submit findings and maintain notes during facility evaluation.
  • Labor reduction – Data transcription and review process minimization
  • Facilitates the creation of new surveys based on pre-defined templates
  • Faster results – the system aggregates the findings into a report that is presented to the facility.

Capabilities Demonstrated


  • Secure web-based login
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Integrated sorting and filtering
  • Custom reporting
  • Audit trail
  • Client portal
  • Microsoft Surface support
  • Handwriting recognition


  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • IIS Server
  • VB.NET, MVC, Entity Framework
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap
  • (cloud) Go Daddy Virtual Machine
  • Open XML SDK

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