Improving Customer Experience with Custom Software

RingCentral Subscription API with Webhooks

  • Business Process Improvement
  • Reduced time per call
  • Reduction in frustration for both staff and customer

Client – A leading aftermarket auto body parts supplier


Our client relies on superior customer service as part of their business model. With 4 warehouses and 15 satellite locations spread across the east coast, each hub houses its own customer service team that is tied into the company’s enterprise telephony system.


We developed custom software that enabled faster and customer-aware customer service by integrating the client’s ERP software with their telephony system.


  • Reduced time per call – customer service rep no longer needs to ask for the customers information; the customer’s information is automatically pulled up when the call is picked up. With the call centers receiving over 100K calls annually this is a time/cost savings.
  • Reduction in frustration and improved experience for both staff and customer – reduction in poor phone connection and language barrier issues while taking and looking up customer accounts.

Capabilities Demonstrated


Based on feedback from both the Customer Service staff and their customer base our client identified the need for a more efficient way for the Customer Service Team to look up customer records when receiving incoming calls. The goal was to enable the rep to instantly retrieve the applicable data (e.g. company name, contact name, order status) to better assist with the caller’s inquiry.

We developed a solution that listens to incoming telephony sessions and updates the ERP system with the status and call info for each extension (each extension is tied to a single rep). Once a call is answered, the rep is prompted in their ERP terminal to lookup the customer data that is associated with the incoming caller’s phone number. This allows the CSRs to instantly view:

for the customer that is calling, with a single click.

We registered with RingCentral’s webhook service to receive notifications for telephony actions such as call-received and call-disconnected.  We developed a Web API in that is hosted on the client’s web server that “listens” for these webhook notifications and receives the call details from RingCentral.  This information is stored in the CRM database, which uses the information to display the calling customer’s information to the Customer Service Rep.


  • Webhooks
  • ERP and phone system integration
  • Live real-time data


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