Custom Business Process Automation Software – Time Tracking and Reporting

  • Labor reduction
  • Error reduction
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Business insights

Client –  Not-for-profit organization – behavioral health / social work


Our client delivers behavioral health services throughout the state and relies heavily on an online EHR application to manage their Electronic Health Records. The application did an excellent job of handling clinical information and the time related to it, but it didn’t gather info related to non-clinical efforts, and our client was struggling with maintaining that information.

Also, each region had their own approach to tracking this information with varying degrees of success.  Considering this information both helped them evaluate staff efficiency and also needed to be submitted to the state for contractual obligations, accuracy was critical.


We developed custom BPA (Business Process Automation) software that interfaces with a web-based behavioral health EHR system to track time for in-field social workers in a user-friendly web application. The software also allows for additional time recording, which gets consolidated into internal staff efficiency reporting as well as generates reports to meet state reporting requirements.


  • Labor reduction – Eliminated the need for data re-entry from one system into another
  • Business insights – Provided improved reporting and visual aids to demonstrate performance
  • Accessibility – Data was readily available from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Reduction in errors – ensured all data from the EHR was accounted for and held staff accountable to their time requirements to ensure accurate time records

Capabilities Demonstrated


The software has two main components: the web application and the EHR Import application.

Web Application

This is a mobile-responsive web application that provides in-field staff the ability to:

It allows supervisors:

EHR Import Application

The system imports data from the EHR and accurately relates the time entry to the proper staff, service, program and contract to avoid the need for manual data re-entry.


  • 3rd party software integration
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk for web app deployment / hosting
  • Crystal Reports – Automated Report Generation
  • Staff and Supervisor email alerting for time anomalies (missing or duplicate time entries)


  • C#.Net,
  • Entity Framework,
  • Microsoft SQL Server,
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery
  • HTML
  • Crystal Reports

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