Modernizing Business-critical Legacy Software

  • Improved UI/UX
  • Increased user access
  • Simpler deployment

Client –   A regional adult daycare facility                                      


Our client is responsible for managing the finances of their residents.  This resident accounting is different than traditional business accounting. As a result, they needed custom software to manage it.

The client was using a legacy MS Access application which was outdated. As a result, they were experiencing issues with user access and deploying the application to computers with newer operating systems. 


Keypress developed and deployed a modern web application to replace their legacy MS Access resident accounting system.

Results / Outcomes

  • Improved UI/UX – the updated web design provides a more intuitive user experience and easier navigation.
  • Increased user access – the web application is accessible on any network-connected workstation, as well as tablets and mobile devices.  It also allows for future offsite accessibility.
  • Simpler deployment – The application no longer had to be installed on workstations.  Once the user is added to the system, all they need to begin working in the application is the appropriate URL.

Capabilities Demonstrated


The application provides:

Legacy Application Code Review

Our team, familiar with MS Access, did an in-depth review of the legacy system functionality. We identified code that could be refactored and reused vs other code that would have to be rewritten.  We scoped how functionality inherent in MS Access would be replaced in a web platform, and laid out a plan for redevelopment.


Our team set out to develop a modern web application that maintains the necessary functionality of the legacy system, while identifying areas for improvement.

With access to the legacy source code and database structure, our team was able to migrate the database schema from the legacy MS Access database schema to a more powerful MS SQL schema. Our team was able to efficiently redevelop the application thanks to this legacy code access, allowing them to address every edge case.


Internally our team ran comprehensive QA (Quality Assurance) in test environments by attempting to run a full scope of daily and monthly processes on both the legacy and new application to confirm the desired outcomes.

We then guided the client through a UAT (User Acceptance Test) process by having them run the legacy and new application in parallel for a month. As issues arose, our team worked to resolve them in a timely manner, and communicate the updates with the client.

Launch and Support

Once our development team and the client were confident the application was performing as necessary, the legacy application was uninstalled.  Using our ticketing system and remote support systems, our team has been able to provide support whenever issues have arose.


  • VB.Net
  • MS SQL
  • MVC (Model-View-Controller)
  • IIS

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