Custom software
for business process automation –
ticket processing

  • Custom software reduces manual labor by ~6x

Client –Parking violation appeal processing company


Our client handles parking ticket appeals for major car and truck fleet companies across the country. They manage and process over 100,000 parking summonses in a year and maintain this data in a Microsoft SQL Server database with a Microsoft Access front end.

Their primary market is New York City, whose Department of Transportation maintains a website called NYCServ which allows users to lookup info for a specific summons. Processing these summonses and preparing them for court required our client’s staff to manually search NYCServ one ticket at a time and transpose the data into their Access application.


Shortly after NYCServ released an API to their database we developed an add-in for the client’s MS Access program that automatically communicates with NYCServ. We installed bar code scanners on their workstations allowing them to scan each ticket, with the summons ID obtained from the barcode our application could communicated with the NYCServ API and import the full summons data.  


  • Significant Labor Reduction – Processes that previously took hours are completed in minutes (from ~3-4 hours down to ~15-30 minutes)
  • Error Reduction – The elimination of manual data entry reduces typographical errors
  • Paper waste reduction – Digital copies of the summonses are pulled from the API, eliminating the need for paper copies.

Capabilities Demonstrated


  • RESTful API
  • Bar code Scanner
  • 3rd Party Integration


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