Enterprise Global Mobility / International HR SaaS application with strict data security requirements

  • Improved visibility to critical information  
  • Increased efficiency  
  • Reduced errors 

Client – An international business and human capital management solutions firm providing services to global corporations. 


Our client and their customers were frustrated with the International HR and Global Mobility solutions in the market.  They had turned to Microsoft Excel to track the significant amounts of data critical to their workflow.  Driven by their frustration our client was interested in developing a web-based SaaS application not only for them and their customer base but for the industry at large.   

The system needed to provide a user-friendly interface for managing data and had to adhere to strict DOD/DFARS data security requirements. In addition, the system would provide greater value if it could integrate with domestic HR systems to eliminate data duplication and ensure up to date information. 


Working hand in hand with our client’s team of industry experts we developed a secure, user-friendly SaaS web application for our client and their customers that could also be marketed to other large corporations with a global workforce. 

Results / Outcomes

Our client and their customers were able to migrate their International HR departments to the SaaS platform which provided: 

  • improved visibility to critical information,  
  • increased efficiency,  
  • and reduced errors. 

Capabilities Demonstrated 


The application provides: 

Software Needs Assessment 

The world of International HR was new to us so we had to work with the client to understand the challenges in the industry and learn how to best solve their problems. 

Demo & Scope 

After we had an understanding of the industry and its unique issues, we: 


Once the project was approved, we worked with our client to fine-tune the scope of the project and began our development process. 

We established a weekly sprint schedule where we identified the features we would develop and met with the stakeholders to review our progress and collect feedback on what we developed and what we scheduled to develop next. 


Our team worked closely with our client’s team to test the application during development.  Periodically deploying completed modules to an environment for them to use as a sandbox.   

Once initial development concluded we developed a UAT (User Acceptance Testing) script that walked our client’s team of testers though all facets of the application and allowed them to identify bugs and provide feedback.   

Our team made the necessary tweaks to correct the bugs and implement feedback.  We then iterated through our UAT process a second time to confirm the application was ready for production. 


Data migration was a critical step in the launch. Our team worked off-hours to migrate data from the old system to the new production environment.  This allowed the client to start the week fresh in a new system without having to enter loads of data. 

We assigned dedicated staff to monitor and support the client’s team as they went live. 

On-going Maintenace & Support 

We provided support via email and phone and continued to periodically monitor and update the production and test environments. 

Continued Development 

As is often the case after a successful launch, our client began to identify other areas in which the software could help them with their day-to-day operations.  We continued to work with the client to implement additional functionality and integrations. 

Application hand-off 

After successfully maintaining and supporting the application, we worked with our client to fully train their internal IT staff on how to support and continue to develop the application. 


  • Software Integration with HR software 
  • Windows Task Scheduler 
  • Exception handling and alerting 
  • Process Alerting 
  • Mutli-Factor Authentication 


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