Custom Software Development FAQ

Do you outsource the development to other countries?

No, our team is entirely US based.

When should I consider off-the-shelf software over custom?

Almost always. If there’s off-the-shelf software that meets your needs, it’ll probably make sense to go that route. We help in situations where the off-the-shelf solution doesn’t cut it for one reason or another (e.g. unique workflow, need to differentiate yourself from your competition, multi system integration is required).

What languages / development stack will my project be developed in?

Each custom application has unique requirements that may lend itself better to certain languages or platforms. We’ll adapt as needed. That said, we’re Microsoft-focused, and our core stack is:

Database: MS SQL or MySql

Server Side:  C#, .Net, .Net Core

Front End: React JS, Razor, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery

When are you not a great fit?

  1. Mobile app development (e.g. iPhone app, Android app).  That said, we do develop browser-based software applications for mobile devices.
  2. If you require development on a platform or architecture that is outside our skillset we might not be the best fit. A few examples: legacy windows desktop applications, Angular.js, Ruby
  3. Standard marketing website development. It’s not that we can’t do it, there are just tons of other companies out there to choose from.

Who maintains / supports the software post development?

That depends on the nature of our agreement, your preference and capabilities.  If you have a team capable of supporting and continuing to grow the application after initial deployment, then we can hand over the reins.  But we also offer support agreements and continued development options.

Do you provide training on how to use the software?

We offer multiple training options depending on your preference.  Some examples:

Who owns the software?

It depends on the agreement.  We offer both.  Work-for-hire (you own it) or fixed-fee (we own it).

What is your development methodology?

For Work-for-hire we can employ either Waterfall or Agile development approaches.

For Fixed-fee we use a hybrid approach.  Expectations and deliverables need to be defined, but we take a somewhat Agile approach understanding that reasonable changes are necessary in order to deliver impactful and valuable software.

Where will the software be hosted?

We deploy both cloud and on-prem hosted software and will make recommendations if we find you will be better suited by one over the other.  Either way we will work with your IT department to deploy the application to your preferred environment.  If you need help recommending and configuring a cloud installation, we can support that as well.

What’s the Keypress process look like for working together?

Check out our custom software development process.