Custom Software Integration – for 3rd party software & apps

Getting business operations software applications to work together (efficiently)

How we can help

Problems we solve

  • Manual labor reduction through software automation
  • Human error reduction
  • Data accessibility & visibility improvements
  • Elimination of disjoint/duplicate data across multiple systems (e.g. CRM data vs ERP data; ERP data vs order fulfillment data)


Some common platforms we’ve integrated with

  • Accounting – Sage 50, Quickbooks
  • Payment processing –, Chargebee
  • ERP – Sage 100
  • Communications – Twillio, RingCentral
  • HR- Workday
  • EHR ( Electronic Health Record) – Foothold
  • Regulatory Compliance – WERCS DTE
  • Mapping – Google Maps
  • Esignature – Docusign
  • Analytics – Google Analytics
  • Practice Management Software – Sycle

Custom Software Integration Case Studies

Need some software connected?

The Keypress process for custom integration development

  1. Our software developers meet with your key employees to observe the ins-and-outs of your day to day operations. 
  2. We’ll review your current processes and applications, and take note of opportunities for improved efficiency. 
  3. We determine if integrating your current software with a custom software application will eliminate the need for the cumbersome workarounds and/or inefficient double-entry you’re experiencing.
  4. We work with the third-party provider to identify the best approach to integration.
  5. We deliver the final package, including installation, configuration, and training.
  6. We provide post-delivery support with alerting and failure notification.