Keypress Custom Software Development Process

While there are exceptions, generally we find this process to be effective for working together:

  1. Initial Investigation – During our initial conversations we have a high-level discussion about what you are looking to accomplish and whether software and Keypress is a good fit for the solution.  If required, we execute an MNDA to protect each other’s interests and then we initiate a series of remote meetings to get some more detail about your goals.
  2. Demo and Rough Estimate – Our developers review the information gathered from our meetings and brainstorm ideas for our suggested solution.  We take the time to build a demonstration of our ideas for your review and present it along with a very rough estimate of cost and time.
  3. Current Process Evaluation – If you like our ideas and are comfortable with our estimated time and cost budget then we move forward with our process review evaluation. We review your current processes and applications: the systems you use, the obstacles your staff face and what improvements you’re looking for in an application. Our software developers meet with your key employees (in person if needed) to observe the ins-and-outs of your day-to-day operations, and take note of opportunities for improved efficiency. We use this information to develop a scope of work for the project.
  4. Final Estimate – If we hit the mark then we work with you to finalize the scope of the project and present a firm estimate for the project.
  5. Software Development – We assemble a project team from our in-house developers and we schedule the project. We execute weekly or biweekly sprints and provide progress demonstrations with your stakeholders along the way. This gives you the opportunity to provide feedback and see the application take shape.
  6. Training – We train your staff on how to use the application.  We listen to their feedback and make reasonable adjustments when helpful.
  7. Testing – During development our team performs both manual and unit testing. As we approach the finish line, we schedule training sessions with your team in preparation for User Acceptance Testing (UAT). This gives your team the opportunity to confirm the software functioning as intended.
  8. Go Live – We roll out the application in your live environment.  Our team stays on until the transition is a success.
  9. Warranty & Ongoing Support – We provide post-delivery support with alerting and failure notification. We warranty your software for the length specified in your proposal and offer ongoing support agreements to all our custom software clients.  

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