MS Access to MS SQL Web App Conversion

Custom software development services
to convert MS Access to MS SQL-based web application

Migrate to a modern, scalable, and remotely accessible web application

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Improvements seen by moving from MS Access to MS SQL-based web app

  • Reduce remote user access hurdles (removes VPN, Remote Desktop). 
  • Reduce issues that can arise from running an MS Access application in  a non-homogenous computing environment. (Different version of Windows and Office, Macs and PCs etc), such as reference conflicts and out dated libraries.
  • Scalability –  MS Access is not designed for enterprise-level applications or large amounts of data. It has a file size limitation of 2GB. MS SQL is designed for significantly larger applications. 
  • As an MS Office-based desktop application, MS Access cannot always leverage features many users have grown accustomed to with modern Web applications (e.g. friendlier user interface, mobile responsiveness).


Pros and Cons of Access

Trying to decide whether or not it makes sense to switch from Access or not?

There are scenarios where it makes sense to stick with Access.

Check out this article: