Business Process Improvement
Assessment Process

Reduce labor costs | Improve customer experience | Improve process efficiency

Here are the steps we take to assess the current state of your processes and make a recommendation for how custom BPI software can help:

  1. Current processes & applications review
  2. Current process observation and evaluation
  3. Analysis & Scope of Work development

Current processes & applications review

We review your current processes and applications:

  • the systems you use,
  • the obstacles your staff face and
  • what improvements you’re looking for in an application.

Current process observation and evaluation

Our team meets with your key employees (in person if needed) to observe the ins-and-outs of your day-to-day operations, and take note of opportunities for improved efficiency.

We’ll review your current process with an eye for aspects that are ripe for improvement. A few examples:

  1. Copy and pasting.
  2. Dependency on paper or Excel.
  3. Requiring a user to catch a problem rather than the system alerting users.
  4. Extra steps in a process due to insufficient or inaccessible data.

We ask a LOT of questions to help us understand why the steps are being done and how the processes got to where they are. We’ll ask you things like:

  1. Why is this step / process needed? What benefit does it provide?
  2. If system X had this information, or did Y, would that eliminate the need for this step?
  3. How do you identify that a problem exists?  Do you have to find it? Calculate it? Or are you alerted?

Analysis & Scope of Work Development

We use the information we’ve gathered to assess your current state and develop a scope of work for the project.

We look to reduce or eliminate obstacles and inefficiencies your team is struggling with, by:

  1. Determining whether the current software should be updated, extended, or replaced
  2. Exploring opportunities for system integration
  3. Identifying opportunities for process automation