Custom Business Software Pricing

How much does custom software development cost?

You’ve heard “it depends…” a bunch of times, and it does, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give you a decent sense.

The bulk of our projects are scoped as standalone or single-phase deliverable, cost ~$35k – $100k and take ~3-6 months to develop and deliver.

Interested in more detail? Here’s a breakdown of some typical scenarios:

Size Typical Price Range Development Time (weeks) Description
Small~$25K – $50K2 to 4 monthsSingle-function web application or Single 3rd party integration
Medium~$50K – $150K3 to 8 monthsA stand-alone web application performing a full scope of operations related to its primary function
Large~$150k – $500K6 to 12 monthsMulti-phase implementation of a mission-critical application (e.g., ERP, full B2C online experience)
Enterprise~$500K-$2million1 to 3 yearsMulti-phase implementation of an ERP or large mission critical application with many 3rd party integrations, data warehouse with advanced BI, various user type and security levels meeting regulatory standards.

Of course for any service, we’ll provide you with a custom proposal for more precise pricing.

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