Custom Software Design & Development with Microsoft Access

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Microsoft Access Programming or Development involves employing Microsoft Access as the primary development tool or platform to design a software application or program.  Microsoft Access is a relational database application developed by Microsoft and packaged as part of the Microsoft Office Suite of Applications.  MS Access combines a relational database engine, a graphical user interface and software development tools to provide a user friendly Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment. Microsoft Access is one of the lesser known applications in the Office Suite of Applications and as a result many users overlook its capabilities and try to use the more popular MS Excel as a means of collecting, storing and reporting on data.  While Excel is a very powerful tool for data manipulation it is more times than not improperly forced to act as a database system rather than a spreadsheet application.  When shown the capabilities of MS Access most users are amazed at the capabilities, ease of use and complexity of the programs that can be developed using Microsoft Access. An extremely versatile system, Access can be used to handle the most basic of database needs such as a simple office inventory, to advanced multi-user ERP database applications. By default, MS Access stores data in its proprietary file format, but it offers the flexibility to attach to more robust and powerful databases such as Microsoft SQL Server. Access enables users and developers to design complete applications including database tables, queries, user interface forms/screens and reports.  As with all Microsoft Office Applications, it harnesses the power of Visual Basic for Applications for more advanced program development, but also offers a user friendly Macro designer for addressing simpler tasks. While Access is a very powerful and versatile tool it is not the answer for all applications.  As the scale and complexity of an application grows migrating to a .NetSQL application may be the better choice. Whether you have an existing Access application, or are looking to address your organizations database needs, contact Keypress to see if Microsoft Access or any of our other development platforms are the right solution for you.