Is that something you would be interested in?

“Is that something you would be interested in?” As much as I try to avoid it, at that moment I was on the wrong end of a salesmen’s cold call. He was professional, to the point, and refreshingly non-abrasive. He represented a European development firm looking for U.S. software companies to partner with his organization and farm development overseas. The fact is that we receive calls like this all the time and we probably get triple the number of emails. And It’s not just the sales calls; I’ve been asked these questions by friends, family members, colleagues, and even clients. “Do you use off-shore developers?”, “Why don’t you use a company overseas?“, “Isn’t it cheaper?” There are a bunch of reasons why I’m not interested in using this approach:

  1. I have received quite a few calls from clients who started a project with an overseas developer and now they are looking for outside help because the project is long past due, way over budget, and they have no way to get in contact with the developers.
  2. I have spoken to friends and colleagues who work in large companies that farm out work and they talk about the inefficiencies they experience and the amount of resources they require on their end to communicate with the development team.
  3. In our field, expertise is valuable. $165/hour for 1 hour is a lot cheaper than $50/hour for 10 hours.
  4. I have nothing against foreign citizens, but if given the choice I prefer to employ my neighbors.

And the list goes on, but perhaps the most significant reason is this: I like the whole team to come into work in the same office at the same time and work together to solve the challenges of our job. It’s the comradery, the interaction, the teamwork, the atmosphere that exists when a group of talented developers work around one another. It builds friendships, alliances, healthy competition, accountability and most importantly it builds GREAT CUSTOM SOFTWARE!!!  And that is what I politely explained to the salesman on the phone and that is why Keypress remains a 100% U.S. Based Software Development Company.

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