What I am Thankful for this Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving in the books, the Holiday season upon and the end of another year approaching I like others start to reflect past year.  And as I look back on 2018 I can’t help but be thankful.  There is so much to be thankful for in all aspect of life but for this post I though I would focus on “What am I thankful for – Keypress Edition”.  So here goes:

I am thankful for our CLIENTS who entrust us with design and development and support of custom software applications to run their business.  They give us the privilege of doing what we love for a living.

I am thankful for our STAFF who bring their talent and enthusiasm to work every weekday and take challenging and exciting projects head on working their magic to build amazing custom software solutions.

I am thankful for the PIONEERS OF OUR INDUSTRY: the likes of Bill Gates, Paul Allen (RIP), Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak without whom this industry would not exist.

I am thankful for the LEADERS IN OUR INDUSTRY: the development teams at Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Twitter etc who develop the tools on which we build our applications.

I am thankful for the TECHNOLOGY: the languages, programs, platforms etc that we use everyday in the development and support of our custom software solutions:

  • Visual Studio
  • .Net Framework
  • VB.Net
  • C#.Net
  • SQL
  • VBA
  • Microsoft Access
  • Bootstrap
  • javascript
  • jquery
  • AJAX
  • RegEx
  • MVC
  • JSON
  • GIT
  • Entity Framework
  • APIs
  • IIS
  • WordPress


Looking to build a strong relationship with a software development team you can be thankful for? Contact Keypress today:

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