More Than You Asked For

Sometimes a client comes to us knowing exactly what they want. That can help jump start the project and get things rolling quickly. What often surprises our clients though, are the suggestions that we make that they weren’t expecting. We try to begin every client relationship with a thorough learning session in which we discuss the ins and outs of your day-to-day operations. You tell us how you do things and the problems that you have identified. A lot of the time though there is potential for even further automation or integration. Learning how you operate enables us to suggest features and perks that may end up being the best component of the software.

Value Added Services

Frequently the features we suggest have the potential to be a Value Added Service (VAS). They not only assist with routine tasks, but allow for new lines of income. Think: for an additional charge you can offer premium upgrades to your existing services.

Alternately, instead of charging for premium service you can offer it at no extra cost and put yourself ahead of the competition.

Find Out What You Are Missing
Contact us to discuss the potential for your business. By investing in custom software you could unlock hidden possibilities for your company.